Farm Store

Retrograss Farm Store


Our farm store is open 7 days a week, self service from 7am-8pm.

We are located at:  464 Rigor Hill Rd. Ghent, NY 12075


We currently offer the following products all raised on our farm:

Grassfed Beef – ground beef, roasts and steaks

Lamb – steaks, chops, racks, shanks and loose and grilling sausage

Chicken – (Both Roasting and stew chickens) as well as parts for stock and for specialty dishes (liver, hearts, gizzards)

Pork – (all cuts and roasts) , smoked hams, ham steaks, bacon, hamhocks, breakfast and grilling sausage both links and loose.

Goat – meat (whole sections only) and fresh milk and cheese (call ahead 518-392-1196 )