Farm Stay at Retrograss Farm

New as of August 2017 we have upgrades/remodeled a “Tag Along” Camper for those on a budget and looking for a unique and immersion experience at Retrograss Farm!  Here is the link for these accommodations:  Glamping at Retrograss Farm

Our 2 bedroom second story apartment accommodation’s over looking our farm can be made here: Retrograss Farmstay 2 bedroom Apartment

Starting a new farm, from scratch meaning no existing infrastructure (fences, outbuildings, mobile chicken coops, barn and on and on) is a tough predicament for farmers.  We acknowledge that we are going to move slowly into production and spend a good 2-3 years establishing the necessary infrastructure to see our goals come to fruition for Retrograss Farm.  One of the ways we decided to invest our hard earned “Retirement Funds” you know those 401k’s that have grown a bit but really don’t seem like the panacea that they were made out to be…well, we took a huge risk and cashed them out.  We decided to invest it in our new Farm Stay apartment.  One big hiccup we uncovered was a missing leach field but otherwise the project went smoothly with a lot of work equity!

Thanks to craigslist we were able to repurpose some amazing cabinets, farm sink, little Soapstone stove, beautiful Kohler bathtub, cherry cabinets, gas stove and I’m sure a few items I’m forgetting.  Our 11oo sq/ft apartment is looking good.  We have a backup propane furnace for those who don’t really care to keep the fire burning!  Or you can rely on that furnace when the fire dies down at night.

Here are a few pictures of the second story going up and many pictures here:Retrograss FarmstayWP_20150804_002

simon, Edyn and Raphael

simon helping with apt