Dwarf Nigerian Goats

We have three male goats, two are available for studding out.  These boys have an excellent demeanor, they are easy to handle and are lead trained.  They are typically a real pleasure to be around, except when they fight over a female!

These boys come from registered breeding stock, but I have not yet registered them.  I’m offering drive in service at $50 since I don’t have the papers yet, the going rate I understand to be $100.

We also offer our male goats as invasive species management tools.  We currently have them at a friends property that is overrun with poison ivy, we will post pictures of before and after when the results are in.  I’ve used them in our forest edge for grape vine and multiflora rose reduction.  Basically they will eat enough of the plant that it will die back, you will need to pull out the plant or otherwise use a machete to continue to push down the larger plants so the goats can eat all the leaves or most of them.  I’ll post some pictures of where we have used the goats so far and the success.  The hardest part is fencing them off in the area you want them to be as tethering them in the forest with plants with thorns easily ruins ropes and also gets the goats all tied up!